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Coaching is about more than just taking you through the motions, a good coach is highly skilled at technique, the ability to give cues, programming, motivation, and able to handle any situation. A great coach can take all of those things and motivate an athlete to become the highest expression of their strength, power, performance and health. Our coaches aren’t just good, they’re great and they create great athletes.


Tim Anderson


Monique LeMay

ttimTim Anderson is the fittest man on earth, winning the 2012 CrossFit Games Masters. He has been a lifelong educator and trainer from high school teacher to 5 years of CrossFit coaching. -more

Mo1Monique LeMay is a fitness expert. She is currently a certified CrossFit trainer with over 20 years of coaching experience. She started training people as a rock climbing guide in Southern California, –more

Nick Hendricks

Beata Domjan


tnickNick has an athletic background based around soccer and swimming and is an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time either hiking or skiing. –more
tbeataBeata moved to Lake Tahoe in July 1995, from Hungary. In her country she was involved in Track and Field during high school and did competitive Tae-Kwon-Do for six years. -more

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