BasiX WOD 7-17-17

CrossFit 6250′ – BasiX Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) Tabata makes ya hotta’!!! 🙂 BasiX Boot Camp Endurance Baseline (Time) Sprint (endurance) 300m row 20 Ab mat sit-ups 10 burpees BasiX Boot Camp Strength Baseline (AMRAP – Reps) For max reps…
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CrossFit 6250′ – Powerlifting Band Resistance Bench Press (5-5-5-5-5) Using a red or blue band do sets of 5. Increase weight as needed. Last set is for max reps Abs 50 windshield wipers 50 flutter kicks 50 crunches Assistance Work…
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PL 7/13/2017

CrossFit 6250′ – Powerlifting Deadlift (5 x 8 Hex bar) Taking turns we’ll do sets of 8 hex bar deadlifts. Start about at 50% and work up. Max reps on last set Assistance Work 2 x 20 each leg banded…
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