FitCamp WOD

CrossFit 6250′ – Fit Camp Warm-up 400 m Tire Pull: 200 forward, 200 backwards Abs Weighted Plank Hold challenge! Pick a partner, help them put plates on their backs while they’re holding a plank for max time! Metcon (AMRAP –…
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“Ninja” Skills

CrossFit 6250′ – Ninja Skills all ages Warm-up Tire drag (scaled: share with partner) 2 minutes max reps for police academy sit ups. One person holds feet. “Ninja” Skills Wall walk-ups Reverse vault Peg board Joust on beam Climb over…
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CrossFit Wod 10/14/15

CrossFit 6250′ – CrossFit Warm-up Do these 4 exercises: 1. Run 400 meters 2. Hold a squat at the bottom for 3 minutes 3. Hold an outstretched or extended plank for 10 seconds x5 rounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzV-2cnwNao 4. 20 super scapular…
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