Beata Domjan



Beata moved to Lake Tahoe in July 1995, from Hungary.

In her country she was involved in Track and Field during high school and did competitive Tae-Kwon-Do for six years. She taught children at Kindergarten and Elementary school level for many years until she came to the US.

In Lake Tahoe she became a full time Professional Photographer and 20 years later she is still enjoying her love and passion capturing people every day.  Beata never missed an opportunity to be active with the greatest Tahoe outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and running.

In 2010 she started training for her first Marathon and fell in love with long distance running. After many Half Marathons and 26 mile races, she was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. Her very first workout was nothing short of an eye opener and a life changing experience.

Turning 44 at the time, she recognized the benefits of the CrossFit movements and weightlifting elements as something that would keep her body strong and fit, more agile and coordinated than ever before. The power and speed she started developing doing CrossFit every day improved her running performance as well.

In February, 2015, Beata became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer inspired by many of her own great Coaches, Tim Anderson, Monique LeMay and Dylan Thomas.  She has been teaching CrossFit classes since and a FitCamp program at CrossFit 6250′, while diligently working on her own technique, strength and skills.

“I strive to inspire, motivate and encourage all the athletes in my classes by giving them my utmost personal attention and an uplifting attitude. I believe that keeping people engaged with my own excitement, love and joy for the workouts, not matter how tough they may be, gives anyone the best impression about doing CrossFit the right way. My goal is to show every athlete that they can accomplish the most challenging exercises with a lot of practice and proper, safe form.”